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Rediska overview on

January 29, 2010

Rediska overview on russian at

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Great Rediska 0.3.0 release

January 22, 2010

Congratulations! Rediska 0.3.0 is out:

  • Full support Redis 1.2.0 API
  • Pipelining
  • Operate with keys on specified (by alias) server
  • Specify DB index in server config
  • Easy extending Rediska by adding you own or overwrite standart commands
  • Lazy loading
  • Full documentation
  • Bug fixes and more


  • Symfony framework integration
  • Ketama support
  • Benchmarks and performance optimization
  • Example application

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Release Rediska 0.2.2

November 27, 2009

Good news! Rediska is now under New BSD license!

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Release Rediska 0.2.1

November 25, 2009

First public beta release of Rediska (radish on russian) - open source PHP client for key-value database Redis.

Main features

  • Multiple servers support
  • Consistent hashing, crc32 or you personal algorythm for key distribution
  • Working with keys as objects
  • Use Lists and Sets as native PHP arrays
  • Full Zend Framework integration

Coming soon

  • Integration with others frameworks
  • Expire keys by tags
  • Server aliases and working with keys on servers specified by alias
  • Ketama (fast C library for key distribution) support
  • More documentation

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