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Release Rediska 0.5.5

April 2, 2011

I apologize for the long silence since the last release. I'm not dead, and not in jail, but I spent all this time on our two new projects:

  • TimeRanger - nice PHP profiler for production servers.
  • Beseda (alpha version) - fast, well designed and featured Node.js Pub/Sub server based on patched Beseda offers server-side and client-side crossbrowser API for realtime messaging.

Ok, back to Rediska 0.5.5. What's new?

  • Profiler!
  • Watch and unwatch for transactions.
  • Moved all command to new binary safe protocol.
  • Implemented new string commands: SETBIT, GETBIT, SETRANGE, GETRANGE, STRLEN.
  • Implemented new list commands: LINSERT, LPUSHX, RPUSHX, BRPOPLPUSH.
  • Added Rediska#removeServer.
  • Deprecated old expire behavior.
  • Added optional response iterator for sets, sortedsets and lists with realtime reading from socket.
  • Added timeout argument to Rediska_Monitor#getCommand and Rediska_PubSub_Channel#getMessage.
  • Removed case insensitive from options.
  • Set connection to blocking mode if only one connection in Pub/Sub channel.
  • Change Rediska_Key_Set to Rediska_Key_SortedSet in Zend Framework session save handler for optimization.
  • Autoloader optimization.
  • Added Rediska_Key_SortedSet#getByRank method.
  • Added Rediska_Key_Hash#getFieldsAndValues.
  • Added Rediska_Key_Set#getValues and Rediska_Key_List#getValues.
  • Added expire argument to Rediska_Key#getOrSetValue.
  • And many fixes.

Highly recommend upgrade your Rediska!


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